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  • At Internet Misr, we always care to provide customers with the best ADSL Service in Egypt by introducing our latest VIP DSL offer.
  • You will easily reach our technical support as well as getting the fastest installation service in Egypt.
  • For the first time in Egypt Internet Misr provides the Whatsapp support service, where you will be able to access easily to our technical support team, customer service and collection department 24/7.
  • Internet Misr provides VIP customers with easily collection process door-to-door.
  • IT Maintenance free visits every 3 months.

With Internet Misr, you will always be a VIP customer.

For more details about our DSL VIP offers, please fill out the below form and submit your request, or call our call-center 02-33080730. Our sales team are always waiting for your call !


Speed Price Before Discount Price After Discount Router
1 MB 95 L.E. 95 L.E. FREE
2 MB 100 L.E. 75 L.E.
4 MB 150 L.E. 112.5 L.E.
6 MB 250 L.E. 187.5 L.E.
8 MB 400 L.E. 300 L.E.

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