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Our Home ADSL Services In Egypt


ADSL Egypt team is one of the most qualified team in the broadband services.

The team handling ADSL Egypt services are experienced since 2003 in supporting thousand of clients.

The service of the ADSL is a very in terms of quality, support and response time. ADSL Egypt team is well trained to handle all types of customers whether home, small businesses and large corporate.

It is a 24/7 service in addition to a trouble ticketing system for complains and lead tracking.

All Internet Misr systems are KPIs based in order to ensure high quality operation.

Benefits of Hiring Our ADSL Services:

– Simple installation.

– Always on, always available.

– Perfect for browsing and email.

– Fastest service installation in Egypt.

– High speed access, high speed downloads.

– Make the most of email hosting solutions.

– Controllable costs, fixed monthly charges.

– Faster and more reliable than standard ADSL.

– Increased business efficiencies through working faster.

– Flexibility through remote working and mobile broadband.

– Client gets two free visits per year for computer maintenance.

– Our Messenger comes to your doorstep to collect the down payment or the renewal fees.

– We have got offers throughout the year for existing customers and the new subscribers.

– We have competent management to analyze all customers’ feedback so we can develop the level of services that are offered to our valued customers.

For more details about our ADSL services, please click on “Contact Now” to send your request, or call our call-center 19910, our sales team are waiting for your call.

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