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Leased Line & VPN Connectivity Solution


Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Internet Misr Frame Relay Service is a feature-rich data solution that provides cost-efficient, redundant and secure transmission of data. It enables companies to connect multiple, widely distributed locations at speeds of 64 kbps up to multiples of 2 Mbps. Frame relay is now the preferred Wide Area Network (WAN) transport and is currently employed by more than 45,000 companies worldwide.

Recognized as a safe and reliable choice for mission-critical applications, Frame Relay continues to grow in popularity.

Internet Misr also offers a selection of value-added options helping our customers to manage their network more effectively and maximize resource utilization. The Service provides key advantages over private line and public data network. Not only the costs for Internet Misr Frame Relay Service are comparable to private lines, the service is more easily scaled to accommodate growth. Security measures and effectiveness are significantly better in Frame Relay compared to traditional Connectivity.

Leased Line
Connection is the ideal solution for businesses looking for permanent, high-speed Internet access without the call charges.

Leased Lines is Internet connectivity using Leased Lines technologies to provide access between Internet Misr NW (connected to the Internet) and Customer CPE router.

This is the conventional solution for permanent “always-on” (and symmetrical) access to Internet.

Benefits of LEASED LINES:

o Permanent.

o Modem to modem & router to router connection, no shared switches.

o Symmetric Data flow: the same upload and download speeds.

o Fast because it’s dedicated service with variable bandwidths

o Scalable – upgrade is available.

o Controllable – download of large data files quickly.

o Minimum latency (delay) to USA and Europe.

o Availability to install automatic hot backup lines or ADSL as backup.
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