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Electronic Commerce


E-Commerce means Electronic Commerce. It is the process of buying products and services online and fulfilling the whole transaction online.

Due to the fact that Internet Users are becoming the largest population in the world, all Merchants and Service providers are obliged to place their products and services online.

Internet Misr IM E – Commerce product offers a complete turnkey solution for merchants to open their online shop with any number of products and sub-products category. It also offers unique statistics for merchants to analyze users behavior and understand market trends.

It offers users an ease of use shopping experience with state of the art display of products in a stylish manner.

Merchants and Service providers find.

Internet Misr IM E-Commerce solutions as a great value added and inevitable channel for their business. Not only it adds an important revenue stream to the business, but it also provides tremendous contribution to the viral marketing activities of the merchants. It is the best tool for word of mouth marketing benefit.

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