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Internet Service Providers in Egypt.

Internet Misr is one of the leading internet service providers in Egypt, offering DSL services with efficiency and also offering a complete range of network solutions.

Internet Misr also provides other services such as leased lines, web design & development, web hosting, E-marketing, and IT service.

Internet Misr have a team of web designers and developers with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism, building all kinds of websites, whether for large, small, medium or complex websites, as well as building portals according to customer needs and budget.

As an internet service provider in Egypt, we also do provide the below services:

Web Design & Development: Build your website with the latest technology according to your budget.

Web Hosting: Get best hosting prices with the highest quality level.

E-Marketing & SEO: Get your Website listed on top Search Engines Results

E-Commerce: We provide readymade customizable e-commerce packages for low budgets, as well as tailored-commerce websites with specific workflows / cycles for medium to enterprise customers.

IT Services: Leased Line / VPN / Maintenance / Network Security “UTM”

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